Slick Substance On I-70 Causes Pileup

A slick substance spilled out on I-70 in Denver earlier this month from an unidentified vehicle, causing a multiple vehicle accident.

Police say an unknown vehicle, probably a truck of some kind, dumped a “dirt and oily mix” on the highway. The substance caused three motorcycles to go down first. As other vehicles tried to avoid the motorcyclists, they began to crash too. In the end, at least ten vehicles piled up in the accident.

Seven people sustained injuries requiring trips to the hospital, but none of them were considered life threatening, authorities said.

The Colorado State Patrol said that the “dry, soil-like substance” was non-toxic.

The truck that caused all of this did not stop, and authorities have yet to find it.

The fact that so many people put themselves in danger to avoid hitting these three motorcyclists is encouraging, and it is fortunate that they were paying attention.

It is important to note how vital it is that those hauling materials, toxic or not, need to ensure that their loads are secure. Even seemingly harmless items like paper or dirt can become a serious hazard if they fall out onto the roadway, to both motorists and motorcyclists.

Have you been in a motorcycle accident or were you injured by debris in the road due to another’s carelessness?

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