Two Female Riders Reach A Million Miles

Two female motorcycle riders are being acknowledged by German motorcycle manufacturer BMW as the first female riders in North America to cover one million miles.

Ardys Kellerman, 79, and Voni Glaves, 64, have both ridden for more than 25 years. Voni got her first bike in 1977 and Ardys in 1985.

Voni’s million-mile journey has taken her through all 50 states, all the Canadian provinces, five countries in southern Africa, and New Zealand.

The grandmother of two is proud of her accomplishment, although she says she did not set out to ride a million miles. When she had reached 600,000, one of her friends told her that was close to a million kilometers. After that, she figured a million miles was a goal she could reach.

Another accomplishment she is proud of is her safety record. She said, “Every one of my miles was accident free, so I’d like to continue to safely explore this vast country of ours close-up, on two wheels,” she says.

The accomplishments of these two women are inspiring. Voni demonstrates beautifully how safety can keep you riding for a lifetime.

Have you managed to ride for 35 years or more without suffering a motorcycle accident?