Bike Tune-Up Tips for Safety

Bicycles are a great mode of transportation. It is important to remember to maintain your bicycle, both to ensure that it lasts and to prevent a malfunction that could leave you stranded. Here are four tips to keep your bike tuned up:

  1. Clean and lubricate your chain. The chain is a key component of you bike. A dirty chain will slow you down and wear out faster. Use lightweight oil and wipe off any excess.
  2. Lubricate the moving parts. Pivot points on your brakes and derailleurs are examples of moving parts that dirt and moisture can damage. Lubricate all moving parts regularly.
  3. Check your brake pads. Your brakes need to be properly aligned to stop effectively. Make sure they are hitting your rim evenly. The pads should be “toed in”, meaning the leading edge of the pads should touch the rim first as you squeeze down. This helps prevent squeaking. Also, remove any debris from the pads. They will last longer and will not scrape your rim if they are clean.
  4. Check your tire pressure. Proper inflation will make pedaling easier and will help protect your rims.

Poorly maintained bicycles can lead to serious injuries, so take the time to follow the tips above.

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