Biker Lodges Himself Between Trucker’s Dual Rear Wheels

In a grisly example of the perils of reckless driving while on a motorcycle, a Missouri man died after he crashed into the rear of a tractor-trailer, trapping himself between the dual rear wheels.

56-year-old Victor Leutwyler of Jefferson City was riding his Harley Davidson through Fairplay, CO, when the motorcycle accident occurred. Investigators say he was speeding and improperly passing other vehicles when he collided with the trailer.

While Leutwyler died, the driver of the tractor-trailer was unhurt.

Motorcyclists often face the temptation to break traffic laws because they can. A bike can do things a car just cannot do. Traffic laws exist, though, to protect both you and those around you. Speeding and improperly passing another vehicle is illegal because it is dangerous, where one mistake can have frightening results. It is unfortunate that it takes the death of a motorcyclist to prove this. Make certain you follow traffic laws, for your own safety.

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