Bikers Bearing Cards For Turkeys

As much as bikers put forward a tough exterior, often inside they are generous and caring people. The weekend before Thanksgiving saw this spirit come out in Pueblo, Colorado, with the sixth annual Harvest Run.

Harvest Run, organized by Thunder Road Ministry and Steel City Biker Church, delivered food to around 200 needy people this year. The Run was a bit different from your standard food drive, in that the organizers collected monetary donations instead of food. It used the funds to buy food at Mesa LaGrees grocery store.

The need for food wound up being greater than the donations, so the organizers held a chile cookoff to offset costs.

The event’s main organizer, Tami Vickery, said that donations were down this year due to the economy. Eighty out of the 200 food baskets had actual turkeys in them, with the rest containing gift cards to stores for purchasing a bird.

Vickery said, “Most places I went to, they were willing to give me product, but we couldn’t get enough turkeys.”

Bikers from Trinidad to Colorado Springs participated in the run, despite high wind warnings.

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