Bikers Need the Law Tigers Free Biker Benefit Card

If you ride a motorcycle, there is no reason why you should be riding without the free Biker Benefit Card from Law Tigers.


With the Law Tigers Biker Benefit Card, you enjoy tons of benefits, including:

  • Free legal advice. Law Tigers are lawyers who ride. Whenever you have a question about a legal matter, give Law Tigers a call.
  • Free accident hotline. Law Tigers can assist you after an accident any time of the day with the free hotline. Whether you need to find a lawyer or a medical professional who can accommodate any insurance situation, the hotline can help.
  • Free medical information registration. When you get a Biker Benefit Card, you can save your medical information on the website. If you ever get into an accident, medical professionals can call the number on your card and instantly access vital medical data.
  • Free legal representation. If your motorcycle sustained damages in a motorcycle accident, Law Tigers will help settle your property damage claim for no charge.
  • $10,000 rewards. Biker Benefit Cards reward people who present information leading to a conviction of a hit and run or bike theft perpetrator.

About Law Tigers

Law Tigers are a collection of law-practicing motorcycle enthusiasts. They understand motorcyclists, and they will fight for your rights if you sustain motorcycle injuries. Tom Metier was instrumental in bringing the Law Tigers to Colorado. You can trust that lawyers who ride are lawyers who care about motorcyclists and victims of motorcycle accidents. Get your card today at the Law Tigers website.

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