Bikes for Tykes 2011

Bicycle Accident Attorneys at Metier Law Firm Support Bikes for Tykes 2011

The charity Realities for Children distributes bicycles to hundreds of children each year. The bicycle accident attorneys of the Metier Law Firm alongside other sponsors and volunteers are committed to donating bikes, their time and money to ensuring that kids who have suffered from neglect and abuse can find joy by receiving gifts from the Bikes for Tykes program during the Christmas season. Bicycle accident lawyer Tom Metier is able to provide caring legal support if you or a loved one has suffered injuries due to the reckless actions of someone else in a serious bicycle accident and other catastrophic events. Speak with our team of bicycle accident attorneys to learn about your legal rights.

Video Transcription:

Every year, Realities for Children gives bikes to hundreds of kids. Donations of bikes, time and money come from bicycle accident lawyers at Metier Law Firm, Lee’s Cyclery, The Phoenix Cyclery, Breakaway Cycles, and many volunteers.

Male 1: We have been serving the unmet needs of abused and neglected children in Larimer County for go on seventeen years now. We began partnering with some local bike shops that wanted to see the children that we worked with receiving bicycles and safe riding gear that they could go out in the community and have just some enjoyable … let a child be a child, be able to enjoy the joy of riding a bike.

Every time you see a little kid get on a bike they get so excited. You know that’s something that you fixed up and that you knicked your knuckles on and sweat on and you get to see them get on that bike. It’s just exciting. From a cyclist to another future cyclist knowing that I made a difference in lives. It’s important.

Male 2: My boys earned a cycling merit badge this summer and they helped with the Bikes for Tykes, organizing our neighborhood and gathering up bikes for the event. Then they’re here volunteering, teaching kids bike safety tips that they learned when they were doing the cycling merit badge.

Male 1: I believe our first distribution was maybe twenty-five to thirty-five bicycles and over the past sixteen years and great support from the bicycling community, the bike shops and all of our donors, we’re distributing 400 to 600 bikes annually here in Fort Collins, Larimer County, and even South Metro Danbury.

Male 2: I really enjoying seeing, especially bikes that I’ve personally worked on, watching kids pick them out and get a big grin on their face and ride it around. I think I just helped a little five year old boy named Adoro ride his very first bicycle. It had training wheels and his dad tried to get him to even just sit on the seat. Didn’t want to do it. So I sat on the seat I’m like “Hey look Adoro, I think it’s too big for me. You want to try it?” So he gets on the seat, he likes it and then I pushed his feet and had him pedal. He actually pedaled his first twenty feet, I think, ever across the floor to get it out the door and he’s going to have a merry Christmas. So it’s a cool thing here. I really enjoy doing this.