Ask a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer: Get Answers to FAQs

After a motorcycle accident and subsequent injury, you most likely have many questions in mind: How will I pay for this? How damaged is my bike? Is the other driver OK? Then, after you begin to settle in more to what happened, these questions may turn more defiant and angry. Finally, you’ll meet with a… read more

Meet Personal Injury Attorney Mike Chaloupka

Partner When you’ve sustained a personal injury, you need an attorney who will fight tirelessly and compassionately for you so you can get the compensation you deserve. Personal injury attorney Mike Chaloupka is that injury lawyer. Here at Metier Law Firm, we’re passionate about helping our clients succeed. We’ve seen corporations and big businesses try… read more

What to Do After a Truck Accident

You’re driving to the grocery store, waiting for the stop light to turn green when you’re suddenly shoved back into your seat while your car is thrown forward.  Your foot instinctively crushes the brake pedal trying to stop your car from being smashed by the cross traffic, but all you can hear are the tires… read more

Did You Sustain A Burn? Work With A Personal Injury Attorney

A mild sunburn can cause a lot of pain, so it’s hard to imagine the amount of pain and damage a more serious burn has the potential of causing. Serious burns can be life-altering and arise from a variety of causes. Whether from a trucking accident, chemicals, house fires, or another cause, Metier Law Firm… read more

Meet Personal Injury Attorney Phil Chupik

Partner Phillip Chupik brings more than 13 years of trial experience to Metier Law Firm. As an accident attorney with so much experience, he knows what it takes to win inside the courtroom. He has complemented the skills and passions of our other personal injury attorneys here at Metier Law Firm and has worked tirelessly… read more

When to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

Let’s say you just got into a car accident. Regardless of your scope of injuries, you know the other driver was at fault. Whether you woke up in the hospital to the beeps of monitors or walked away with a few bumps and bruises, you should call an injury law firm for some free guidance.… read more

5 Things You Can Do To Decrease The Risk Of A Truck Accident

There are certain things we never expect to happen to us. These scenarios can range from medical malpractice to life-altering illnesses to personal injury at the hands of another. Though we may think and hope it never happens to our family, the reality is that you are at risk — just as anyone else is.… read more

Meet Personal Injury Attorney Patrick DiBenedetto

Partner Patrick DiBenedetto brings a strong, resilient passion to Metier Law Firm that matches the passion of our other personal injury attorneys. As an injury lawyer, Patrick will work tirelessly to help his clients improve their health, security, and safety. He brings this passion and commitment to Metier Law Firm where he serves clients throughout… read more

4 Injuries Our Personal Injury Attorneys Have Experience With

Serious accidents can lead to a variety of injuries that leave you feeling helpless, confused, and hurt. As personal injury attorneys, we have seen people’s injuries and the subsequent emotional toll  become crushing burdens on the fabric holding a family together. While we wish we could go back and change the past, our job is… read more

Get Representation After Your Traumatic Brain Injury

Vehicle crashes, falls, and other accidents can lead to a devastating traumatic brain injury that can permanently change your life or your family member’s life. It’s one of those things that you never expect to have happen to you — and then you’re left reeling in the aftermath. The human brain is considered some of… read more