A Week Of Sports For Disabled Veterans in Colorado

“That was probably the hardest challenge I had,” said Christ Rasmussen, a disabled veteran. “By the time I hit top I almost gave up. But I had that support system there for me.”

Rasmussen, who lost a leg after developing a circulatory disease in Desert Storm, had just made it up a rock wall despite his injury. The support of almost 400 disabled veterans cheering him on went a long way towards minimizing his disability.

Rasmussen was participating in the 28th National Disabled Veterans Sports Clinic outside of Aspen, Colorado. He was joined by the victims of traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and others to engage in a week of sports, including cross-country skiing, sled hockey and rock climbing. The approximately 350 volunteers who run the event make sure that every participant gets a chance to enjoy the therapeutic empowerment of physical activity regardless of type of injury.

While traumatic brain injuries rarely exhibit visible symptoms, inhibited motor ability is a common occurrence. In other words, coordinating all of the muscles necessary to complete simple tasks can become very difficult after a traumatic brain injury. Regaining the fluidity of motion a traumatic brain injury victim had before requires extensive physical therapy which can be very costly over a long period of time.

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Enjoying a week of physical activity can be an inspiring experience for many veterans. “I came into this experience with an open mind to better myself,” said Rasmussen. However, the road to recovery is long and expensive. The Metier Law Firm, LLC has a long history of supporting veteran organizations, such as the McCandless State Veterans Nursing Home, the Mountain States Chapter of Paralyzed Veterans of America and others. If you have a legal question concerning veteran’s benefits or healthcare, we would be happy to speak with you at no cost.

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