Are Soccer Players At Risk For Brain Injuries?

American football players are not the only athletes at risk for traumatic brain injury and post-concussion syndrome. According to a recent journal article published in Brain Injury, soccer players suffer repeated brain injuries every time they hit the ball with their heads. “The practice of heading, which might occur thousands of times over a player’s career, carries unknown risks, but may uniquely contribute to cognitive decline or impairment in the short or long-term,” said the director of the Neuroscience Research Program of St. Michael’s Hospital.

Scientists want to know if long-term cognitive and emotional decay can occur as a result of many small concussions as it does after one big one, like a car accident. The article’s authors are calling out to the neuroscience community to study soccer players. After an extensive review of prior literature, they found only 49 previous studies of brain injuries among soccer players. By studying soccer players, researchers can identify safety practices that reduce the likelihood of players suffering brain injuries.

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