Are Swift Brain Injury Recoveries Rare?

According to a recent report by the Coloradoan, a 20-year-old former Fossil Ridge High School athlete has defied all odds in a dramatic recovery from a traumatic brain injury. The athlete fractured his skull and suffered a traumatic brain injury in late January.

“I know doctors kept telling us this is a marathon not a sprint, but I’m pretty sure someone forgot to tell Garrett,” said the victim’s mother. “This son of ours is amazing us each and every day.”

Doctors initially told the victim’s parents that he would be in recovery for a minimum of eight weeks. He was placed into a medically-induced coma and was heavily monitored after serious complications involving pneumonia. Yet, less than a month after the accident, the victim was transferred to Craig Hospital and then home in Fort Collins for regular physical therapy. The 20 year old will continue his athletic career next fall, playing Division-1 baseball at Louisiana Tech.

It is important to note that this story is an exception to typical traumatic brain injury recoveries. Most families struggle to take care of a traumatic brain injury victim for years after the accident, dealing with the difficulties of limited mobility and cognitive impairment. Taking care of a traumatic brain injury victim is a costly endeavor that we at the Metier Law Firm, LLC feel that no one should do alone.

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