Colorado Cadets Design Therapy Device For Brain Injury Victims

A group of Air Force Academy cadets in Colorado Springs recently took first prize in a business competition for their design of a physical therapy device with applications for victims of traumatic brain injuries. Their device is called NeuMimic, and uses a Microsoft Kinect system, which has a sensor capable of recognizing the body shape of someone standing in its field.

The NeuMimic can record previously performed movements. Users can see their current posture in a mirror-like display as well as the superimposed image of a previous movement. Patients undergoing physical therapy can practice recorded movements at home, which the device records and sends to the physical therapist.

“Physical therapy at home is both complicated and boring,” said one of the designers. “NeuMimic gives a game-like experience for the patient, real-time feedback to the therapist and helps to improve recovery time because it keeps the patient doing their at-home exercise and doing it accurately.”

The cadets developed the product through FalconWorks, a non-profit that hopes to distribute it nationwide.

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