New CSU Program Benefits Brain Injury Victims

A recent donation of $468,000 from the Carol and Caroline Swanson Foundation to Colorado State University (CSU) will fund a five-year program to better understand the applications of equine-assisted therapy. The donation will provide for two graduate students and a Ph.D. candidate to lead a study to fill in the gaps about the effectiveness of equine-assisted therapy. Therapists have long acknowledged the usefulness of horses when treating victims of traumatic brain injuries; however, there is still a lack of scientific studies backing the practice up.

In addition, the program will offer a resource for traumatic brain injury victims in Colorado who could greatly benefit from access to equine therapy programs. In addition, equine-assisted therapy is growing as a new profession. Many of the students who will be conducting the research will use their experience in the program as a launch pad to expand the field as a whole, creating more equine-assisted therapy centers around the state.

Looking For A Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer In Colorado

The consequences of a traumatic brain injury are long lasting and very nuanced. There is no single pill that brain injury victims can take that helps them control their emotions or stay focused on a task. However, thanks to programs like the one at Colorado State University, there are nuanced treatments that can holistically improve the health of a brain injury victim. Most of the time, these treatments are expensive and out of reach, unfortunately. If you or a loved one has suffered a traumatic brain injury, our Colorado traumatic brain injury lawyers will help you get access to the treatments you need, so that you can get back on the road to recovery. For more information, contact us today at (866) 377-3800.

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