Teenager Still Waiting On Florida To Pay What They Owe

A Colorado teenager is asking for $30.8 million from the state of Florida, the money awarded to him by a jury in 2007 for injuries he sustained at birth in a Florida hospital.

14-year-old Aaron Edwards’ mother, Mitzi Roden, says his brain was injured during birth at the Lee Memorial Health System in 1997. A jury agreed, finding that the hospital was negligent and failed to follow standard hospital rules and regulations.

The family has not been able to collect the $30.8 million award, though. The fact that the medical institution is a governmental entity means the Florida legislature must review all claims bills.

Edwards’ attorneys say it has become the practice of the Florida legislature to sit on claims bills so they are rarely concluded.

In a letter to Florida state representatives, Edwards said, “My Christmas wish this year is for the state of Florida to give me a fair hearing so that we can have the money for my injuries that the court said we should have.”

Roden says it took the young Edwards three weeks to write the letter on a rudimentary communications board.

We hope the state of Florida will deliver the young man his money soon, not only to help with his medical bills for his brain injury, but also because it is the right thing to do.

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