University Provides Peer Mentors for Students with Traumatic Brain Injury

Students with traumatic brain injury at Colorado State University are getting help navigating academic and social situations, thanks to a project called Opportunities for Postsecondary Success (OPS).

More than 100 students at Colorado State University (CSU) suffer from mental disabilities, including traumatic brain injuries, autism and Asperger’s. This year, the university’s Center for Community Partnerships received a $2.3 million grant to start a program pairing disabled students with a student mentor.

Student enrolled in OPS will spend 30-40 hours a semester with their student mentor. Most likely those mentors will be CSU graduate students seeking occupational therapy degrees, but other majors will also be welcome.

Student mentors will help peers with traumatic brain injuries learn skills that are crucial for college success, including:

  • time management
  • study skills
  • compensatory strategies
  • career exploration
  • effective communication
  • forming relationships
  • learning to advocate for themselves in an academic environment

“This grant will help us develop a program to help students who struggle socially – and as a result, academically – because of their disability,” said Catherine Schelly, director of the university’s Center for Community Partnerships.

According to Schelly, the university has had good experiences with the program implemented on a smaller level.

“Once participating students with disabilities receive intensive support and guidance through this program in their early college years, most will ultimately become independent in all aspects of their lives and experience success as a college student,” Schelly states.

By implementing OPS on a larger scale, the university hopes that peer support and one-on-one encouragement will help bridge the gap for students who may have more trouble than most adjusting to college life.

I Suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury. What Are My Options?

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[Did You Know: Youths aged 15 to 24 make up the highest percentage of Americans living with disabilities caused by traumatic brain injury.]

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