Brain Injury Survivor Asks Fiancée To Marry Him A Second Time

A 21-year-old Craig, Colorado man is happy to be back in his hometown and happy to be alive after suffering a traumatic brain injury that almost killed him.

Steven Sharp was riding in a motocross race on June 26 at Thunder Ridge Motor Sports Park when he had his accident. His fiancée, 19-year-old Kailee Greenwood, did not see the crash, but knew something was wrong when she saw Sharp’s bike being taken off the track.

“I freaked out and knew it wasn’t good because he wasn’t standing up,” she said. “I was the only one at the race that day, so I had to answer all the medical questions and set up the ambulance and life flight all by myself.”

When Sharp arrived at the hospital, the prognosis was grim. His family said he looked grey, like a corpse. But he made it through the first 72 hours. In August he was taken off life support.

When Sharp finally came to, he asked his fiancée to marry him again. He did not remember the first time he asked, and he wanted to remember it.

Now that Sharp is out of the hospital, despite the odds, he is determined to walk again.

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