Brain Injury Victim Motivated To Become A Nurse

A young Columbus, Nebraska woman is happy to be home after a June 9 accident that left her with injuries to both legs, a broken pelvis, a collapsed lung, dislocated shoulders and hemorrhaging on her brain.

Ashley Hellbusch, 19, was struck by a car driven by John Wiese, 49, in the intersection of Wilderness Road and Lost Creek Parkway.

Emergency responders rushed her first to Columbus Community Hospital, then later to Lincoln by LifeFlight. Later she spent time in Omaha at Quality Living, Inc., where she went through rehab.

Now Hellbusch is wearing an external fixator, a specialized leg brace used to stabilize her right shin.

“Beside my leg which is still weak I suffer from short term memory loss,” she said. “I guess I’m handling that with the use of the calendar in my phone. When I learn about an appointment or something I need to remember I put it in the calendar.”

The young brain injury victim says she is now planning on going to college for nursing.

“I always wanted to go to school for teaching or nursing,” she said. “This experience has turned me more toward the nursing and I think I’d like to work as a rehab nurse at a place like Quality Living.”

It is encouraging to see how the help given to this young woman will someday result in her helping others.

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