Brake Problems Lead to Recall of 268 Zero Motorcycles

Due to a braking system issue, electric motorcycle manufacturer, Zero Motorcycles, has had to recall 268 of its motorcycles, according to Green Car Reports. Apparently, the bolts in the front brake caliper mounting assembly of the affected motorcycles are susceptible to corrosion. The corrosion has the potential to cause the bolts to come loose and interfere with the front wheel through cracking and fracture, which could cause the wheel to lock and lead to an accident.

Zero Motorcycles is in the process of notifying motorcyclists who own the potentially hazardous bikes. The motorcyclists will be instructed to take their motorcycles to a dealership, where the front caliper bolts will be replaced. Zero Motorcycle owners can also contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) hotline for information at 1-888-327-4236. The NHTSA has the recall notice filed under campaign number 13V329000.

By notifying its customers of the potential danger and replacing the defective parts, Zero Motorcycles is taking the proper steps to correct this situation. Still, until all 268 of those motorcycles are repaired, a lot of lives will continue to hang in the balance. All it takes are the bolts on one of those bikes corroding and causing a motorcycle accident, for this story to take a deadly or, at the very least, life altering turn.

Just because a company appears to be saying and doing all the right things does not mean its products are immune to defects. Even the best products can sometimes contain a bad part or two. Sometimes a defective product avoids injuring anyone, but sometimes it does not.

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[Did you know?: In 2012, just over 2 million unrepaired recalled vehicles were offered for sale online.]

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