Residents Sue Fire Department for Negligence During Wildfire

More than 60 victims whose homes were destroyed in the Black Forest Fire are suing the Black Forest Fire Department, arguing that authorities were negligent in handling the blaze.

The Black Forest Fire was one of the most destructive in Colorado history, burning approximately 15,000 acres and destroying around 500 homes. Two people died as a result of the blaze.

The plaintiffs claim there are many “unanswered questions” surrounding the fire department’s conduct during the fire. According to reports, firefighters refused to use available resources to stop the fire early on, and the fire chief waited too long to turn over command once he realized it was out of control.

The lawsuit also questions the fire chief’s decision to light a controlled burn the same day, pulling vital resources away from the Black Forest blaze. The lead plaintiff believes the controlled burn should have been nicknamed the Twin Fire, “because it became the major part of the Black Forest Fire and was as destructive or worse than the (original) fire.”

One plaintiff said he had lost half a million dollars in construction equipment in the blaze. He and other victims who lost their homes have filed a class-action negligence lawsuit, requesting $1 million each for negligence and property damage.

Can I Sue the Fire Department?

Government agencies are required to perform their jobs responsibly and with care, just like private businesses. If their negligence leads to injury or property damage, they can be held responsible in civil court.

The government works hard to protect fire departments and police stations from negligence lawsuits. For the best chance to win, victims need a hard-working attorney on their side.

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