Bystanders Stop Intoxicated Driver form Fleeing the Scene

On Monday we wrote about a motorcycle accident where the biker collided with a vehicle that pulled in front of him. The car fled the scene. In another accident that took place in Colorado Springs, witnesses did not let the offender get away.

A black Audi hit two cars on a Sunday afternoon. Two witnesses saw the Audi hit the cars, several curbs, a tree and a street sign. Edwin Bynum and his son-in-law saw the driver attempting to back up and drive away and decided to intervene.

“My son-in-law went over and grabbed in the car and wouldn’t let him go,” Bynam told KRDO News. He said the man could not walk when he got out of the Audi.

Police arrested the driver on suspicion of driving under the influence and hit and run. A comment from a witness on the new station’s website says that the driver was not drunk, but “high on heroin or maybe painkillers.”

No matter the substance, the man was a danger to everyone on the road, including himself. We are thankful that the Colorado government passed the new hit and run law. Until the law passed, drunk drivers who remained at the scene received harsher sentences than drivers who fled.

We are glad to see community members join together to hold guilty parties responsible for their crimes. If you know someone who suffered injuries or death in a hit and run accident or motorcycle accident, talk to us. You have a right to seek justice against drivers who break the law and cause injury. There is no charge for discussing your situation with us.

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