California Increases Booster Seat Requirements

Under a new California law that went into effect January 1, the majority of six and seven-year-old kids will have to stay in their booster seats a little longer.

California’s new law will require children to use booster seats until they are eight years old or 4’9″ tall. Previously, a child had to be six years old or 60 pounds in order to legally avoid a booster seat.

“Seat belts are not designed for small children. That’s why we need booster seats to make sure they are safe in cars,” said Sen. Noreen Evans, sponsor of the bill.

Statistics show that the leading cause of death and traumatic brain injuries for children ages four to eight is vehicle collisions. Advocates of the bill say that booster seats decrease the risk of injury and death by 60 percent.

When children are buckled in without the added height of a booster seat, the seatbelt often rides on vulnerable areas of the body, like the neck and the stomach. With the height attained by the seat, the belt rests on bones that can better support the force of a collision, like the pelvis and clavicle.

Though children might not be happy about being treated like a “baby” for a few more years, we think it is worth it to keep them safe from injury.

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