California Man Seeks To Settle

A California man is seeking a plea deal in a case over an accident he is accused of causing that killed a motorcyclist this August.

21-year-old Joonwan Choi allegedly ran a stop sign in a BMW SUV at the Mesa Verde overpass of U.S. Highway 160, smashing into 54-year-old Richard E. James on his Harley Davidson motorcycle.

The impact threw James from the motorcycle. Emergency responders administered treatment when they arrived and transported him to Southwest Memorial Hospital in Cortez where he later died.

Choi has extended his condolences to the victim’s widow and family, saying that the incident was unfortunate and tragic.

The case is currently on hold to give the prosecution and the defense more time to reach an agreement. The Deputy District Attorney says she feels a resolution is possible if more time is allowed.

It is sad to see what one small moment of carelessness on the part of an automobile driver is capable of doing to a motorcyclist. We must continue to emphasize increased awareness. If people are not reminded they will naturally become less diligent.

Have you lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident because of the neglect of an automobile driver? It is important to remember that you do have legal options.

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