Campfire Safety Tips

Campfires are an integral part of camping, but they must be watched and maintained carefully. We have already seen how stray embers can ignite roaring forest fires that claim lives, homes and millions of dollars in emergency costs. Here are some campfire safety tips to keep in mind on your next camping trip to keep your fire safe and under control.

  • Choose your location wisely. Do not build a fire underneath low-hanging branches. Licks of flame can climb up a low branch and spread quickly.
  • Clear debris. Take a quick look around the site and remove any debris that could act as kindling.
  • Observe restrictions. Find out if there is a burn ban in the area you plan to camp, and act accordingly.
  • Extinguish flames. Before leaving the site, cool the fire pit by stirring water and dirt into the ashes. When the embers are cool enough to touch, you are in the clear.
  • Watch for wind. Pay attention to the wind’s strength. If it is too strong, move the fire or save the fire for another trip. Colorado has many dry areas with dead vegetation right now, and a guest of wind can introduce dangerous burning embers to these dry areas.
  • Never leave the fire alone. If you need to step away from the fire, make sure that at least one person is there to keep an eye on it.

By keeping a close eye on the campfire, you can prevent burn injuries and forest fires (not to mention hefty fines for violating a Colorado burn ban). This summer, have fun and be safe.

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