Can A Brain Injury Cause Amnesia?

Su Meck, a 48-year-old student at Smith College, fits in very well with her early 20’s classmates because she was “reborn” 24 years ago, according to a recent interview with NEPR. When Meck was only 22, a ceiling fan fell on her head, completely wiping her memory of everything before the accident. After her brain injury, her “vocabulary was down to 50 words,” which made parenting quite difficult, according to the interview. Meck had no recollection of her own childhood or her upbringing, so she had to resort to mimicking other parents until it felt natural.

To make matters worse, her husband was away on business much of the time, so she was often left alone with her children. Her situation could have been significantly different if doctors responded to her injury in a more careful manner; however, they sent her home after only three weeks of hospitalization. Neurologists told her husband that she was simply “looking for attention” and “it’s all in her head,” according to the interview.

Looking For An Injury Attorney That Handles Traumatic Brain Injury Cases

What is unique about Meck’s case is the scope of the non-economic damages involved. Non-economic damages are those which are difficult to quantify, such as never recalling your own wedding or feeling like a stranger to your own family. At the Metier Law Firm, LLC, we understand that you cannot put a number on the long-term damages incurred by a traumatic brain injury. Our attorneys will take care of the complex legal proceedings necessary for recovering compensation after a brain injury, so you can focus on your health. Contact us today to speak with one of our specialized traumatic brain injury lawyers.

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