How Can You Become a Better Rider?

Have you ever been to bike night and heard a riding story that left your jaw on the ground? An old man tells you about an act of daring-do that you couldn’t imagine handling yourself, and worse yet, he pulled it off last week. How did this old rider pull off this impossibility? It probably has something to do with his experience, and if you play your cards right, you could get that good too.

Ways You Can Become a Better Rider

  • Put in the Miles– Your best strategy for becoming a better rider is going to be putting your rear-end in the saddle as much as you can. You will learn amazing things on that big open road, and as long as you take those lessons to heart, there’s no way you won’t become a better rider.
  • Study– You saw that motorcycle magazine on the newsstand and you didn’t thumb through it? Shame on you. Picking up as much motorcycle knowledge where ever you can get it should be a top priority for anyone looking to become a better rider.
  • Take a Class– The Motorcycle Safety Foundation offers several courses that will teach you to be a better rider, but that’s not the only game in town. Look for track day organizations, because the skills you learn on track can carry over to better riding on the road.
  • Practice– Nobody is just born with skill, they have to practice to make sure they are doing it right. Take your motorcycle to a parking lot and practice the turning and stopping techniques you’ve learned from books and classes.
  • Ask– Don’t forget, there are a lot of people out there with a lot of experience. So, one of the best ways to learn from those experiences is to just ask somebody who has been riding longer than you have. At the very least you’ll get a story out of it, and maybe you’ll make a friend in the process.

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