Can CDOT Improve Seatbelt Usage in Colorado?

Seatbelts can save your life!The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has launched several campaigns encouraging motorists to use their seatbelts. Why does CDOT consider this an important issue? Statistics collected by CDOT show there have been 423 fatal car accidents in Colorado since the start of the year. About one-third of those killed were not wearing seatbelts.

Several weeks ago, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) used Snapchat to spread seatbelt safety awareness to teenage drivers. As part of the program, more than 300 Colorado high schools received posters with a Snapchat code and invitation to add CDOT. CDOT’s SnapChat used emojis and SnapChat art to create catchy messages for the age group it was targeting.

Another CDOT seatbelt safety campaign took place in Denver. CDOT placed stencils around Civic Center Park with the number of victims killed in car accidents from not wearing seatbelts. As of the time this blog was written, 147 have died as a result of not buckling up.

CDOT’s campaigns are trying to increase usage because too many Coloradoans are not wearing seatbelts. In fact, our state ranks 39th for seatbelt usage nationwide. Centers for Disease Control statistics show that younger drivers (age 18-24) are less likely to wear seatbelts than older drivers. This may be a reason why CDOT has placed an emphasis on targeting younger drivers with its campaigns.

How Do Seatbelts Save Your Life?

Seatbelts help spread the stopping force of an impact with another object. Keep in mind, that you and other passengers have a separate inertia from your vehicle. That means when the vehicle stops at 50 miles per hour, you continue moving forward at 50 miles per hour.

It is a proven fact that seatbelts work. Statistics collected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that seatbelts could save 13,000 lives in the U.S. annually.

The Wyoming and Colorado personal injury attorneys at Metier Law Firm encourage you and your passengers to use seatbelts. They will help save your life.

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