Can I Get a DUI If I Am Not Driving a Car?

A Garden City man is in jail awaiting trial after witnesses claim he used his riding lawnmower to barhop on a busy street.

On Tuesday, July 29, police started receiving calls from concerned drivers about a lawnmower driving the wrong way down Eighth Street. Police later discovered that the man operating the heavy machinery had been to two different bars.

When police responded, they said the man had watery, bloodshot eyes and smelled like alcohol. He refused roadside sobriety tests, but the officers reported that he “could not stand on his own” and was showing clear signs of impairment.

In a jailhouse interview, the man claimed he was only using the mower to “take care of overgrown weeds” on the roadside and denied barhopping. However, his driving record shows several DUI arrests, and his license was already suspended at the time of the incident.

The man was charged with misdemeanor DUI and remains in jail while he waits for arraignment. His driver’s license has been revoked until further notice.

Some readers may find this story comical, but police officers were not amused. Weld County has already had 25 traffic fatalities this year, and this man could have easily injured himself or someone else with his reckless behavior.

Are Riding Mowers Allowed on the Road?

Riding mowers are allowed on the road in Colorado, but only as a way to transport goods for commercial use. Riding lawnmowers travel very slowly compared to most cars, so drivers should avoid highways and high-traffic areas.

This man may have believed that his riding mower would keep him from getting a DUI, but police officers can arrest any driver they believe to be impaired. Drunk drivers are dangerous to everyone else on the road, no matter what vehicle they are driving.

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[Did You Know: Weld County has the highest number of traffic fatalities in Colorado.]

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