Can I Ride My Motorcycle Without a License?

Motorcycles can be fun and fast, but all motorcyclists need proper training to ride safely. Due to motorcycles’ size, speed and lack of safety features, an untrained rider can put themselves and all other motorists in danger.

Operating a motorcycle requires more concentration and regular adjustments than a car. Even simple actions, like pulling out on a hill, require half a dozen actions: balancing on one foot, braking to keep the bike from rolling back, shifting gear, feathering the throttle, watching for traffic and releasing the clutch.

At a minimum, motorcyclists need a state-approved motorcycle license to operate a motorcycle legally. Continuing education motorcycle classes can also help riders fine tune their skills and prepare for unforeseen complications.

Southwest Colorado often attracts inexperienced riders, despite the fact that the mountainous terrain can pose serious risks. On July 20, a motorcyclist sustained serious injuries when he crashed his bike into Green Mountain Reservoir.

Witnesses reported that the man was driving unsafely even before the accident, speeding and passing cars “in an unsafe manner.” The 38-year-old motorcyclist lost control and collided with a delineator post near mile marker 126, driving off the right side of the highway and down an embankment.

First responders found the man conscious and breathing with his lower half still in the water. He is listed in critical condition at St. Anthony Hospital in Lakewood.

Investigators later discovered that the man had no motorcycle license. In fact, this was the man’s first time riding a motorcycle at all. Police believe that speeding, alcohol, drugs and driver inexperience all contributed to the crash.

How Much Experience Do I Need to Ride a Motorcycle Safely?

If you are riding a motorcycle for the first time, you should stay off the highway until you gain more experience. Drugs and alcohol can always impair your judgment, but for first time riders, they are a recipe for disaster.

Legitimate motorcyclists pride themselves on operating safely, but reckless behavior comes in all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, due to the rules of the road, motorcyclists’ bad judgment endangers themselves more than anyone else.

Despite the occasional reckless motorcyclist, most riders face their biggest threats from drunk and distracted drivers. If you were injured in a motorcycle accident, speak to a law firm that has been representing Colorado motorcyclists for more than 20 years. Call Metier Law Firm today to discuss your case with one of our experienced motorcycle attorneys.

[Did You Know: Inexperienced motorcyclists are four times more likely to crash in their first 30 days than they are in their entire second year of riding.]

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