Can Motorcycle Dash Cams Determine Fault in Accidents?

Gathering information after a motorcycle accident can be challenging or impossible depending on the circumstances. In some cases, riders may be too severely injured to take down information. However, motorcycle dash cams may be able to provide another way for riders to record information. Dash cams are similar to what police use in their cruisers to record arrests and other incidents. However, motorists and motorcyclists can make use of them as well.

Some motorcycle dash cams can provide footage as incidents occur, such as swerving or collisions. This could be very beneficial to solving hit-and-run cases. It would be more difficult to hide the make and license plate of the vehicle leaving the scene of an accident. According to RideApart, dash cams became popular in Russia, where insurance fraud is more common. In Russia, having a dash cam attached to a motorcycle or vehicle made it far easier to determine who was at fault for an accident.

The idea of attaching dash cams to motorcycles is catching on in the United States. Although fewer dash cams exist for motorcycles than for cars, cameras such as the GoPro are capable of recording other motorists and possible accidents. YouTube videos of motorcycle collisions show that some dash cams are capable of surviving accidents.

Why Would a Motorcycle Dash Cam Be Useful?

Injuries associated with motorcycle accidents have a much higher probability of being catastrophic and life changing. If another motorist is at fault for an accident, through negligent or reckless driving, he or she can be held liable to pay medical bills and other damages. Having video footage could be beneficial for receiving damages, through either insurance or a lawsuit.

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