Can Motorcycles Ride in the Carpool Lane?

This is another question we get a lot: can motorcycles use the carpool lane? We are also asked if motorcycles can ride in HOV lanes, or high occupancy vehicle lanes.

The answer is yes. Federal law allows motorcycles to use the HOV lane, but says that states have the power to overrule the law if they think it creates a safety hazard. The Federal Highway Administration’s website site says that it allows motorcycles to use the carpool lane because “it is safer to keep two-wheeled vehicles moving than to have them travel in start-and-stop traffic conditions.”

So far, no states have overruled the federal law, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The Colorado Department of Transportation’s (CDOT) website says the following:

“HOV Lane: Vehicles with more than one person, motorcycles and busses may use this lane toll free. Vehicles with only one occupant may not travel in the lane marked ‘HOV.’”

One study from 1995 could not find any significant safety risks when motorcycles use the carpool lane. Other drivers might feel jealous of the motorcyclist, but he or she presents no apparent risk of a motorcycle accident.

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