Can Motorcycles Share Lanes?

We get this question a lot: are two motorcycles allowed to share a lane? Like many motorcycle laws, this one varies by state.

In most states, it is legal for two motorcycles to share a lane. Colorado motorcycle laws, along with Wyoming and Nevada motorcycle laws, state that two motorcycles can share a lane, though they may not share a lane with a car or engage in lane splitting – riding in between cars on the lane divider. Lane splitting is common in many Asian and European countries that have a high percentage of motorcycle riders on the road, but most U.S. states outlaw that practice.

While it is mostly legal to share a lane, whether or not it is safe is another question entirely. As many Colorado motorcycle accidents prove, a sharp turn in the wrong conditions can have disastrous effects for the most experienced riders, doubly so if there is another rider just a few feet away. For optimal safety, it is probably best to ride in a staggered formation or in a line. Many riders will share a lane at a red light to conserve space and spread apart when the light turns green.

Keep putting safety first as we approach the tail end of Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. Do your best to stay visible to other motorists and prevent motorcycle accidents.

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