Can Vandalism Lead to Motorcycle Accidents?

U.S. Forest Service officials are investigating the vandalism of several roadways after traps were found that might have endangered the lives of motorcyclists and other motorists. Most of the danger comes from hitting the barbed-wire shaped object and losing control of a motorcycle or vehicle. In addition to putting motorists in danger, the hidden barbed wire traps also posed a risk to hikers, horseback riders and wildlife.

There have been four specific incidents that appear to target vehicles traveling off the state highways, leading the American Motorcycle Association (AMA) to take the matter up with state politicians. Earlier in September, Colorado Senator Michael Bennet wrote and sent a letter to Forest Service Chief Thomas Tidwell asking if anything could be done to remove the dangerous spike-traps. Other Western-state senators, including John McCain, Mark Udall and Jeff Flake, cosigned the letter addressed to the U.S. Forest Service to help it carry more weight and urgency.

After word got around about the spike-traps, it turned out that this head been occurring in Arizona as well. Although investigations are ongoing, the U.S. Forest Service and the AMA are asking motorists to immediately report the traps if they come across them. Authorities are also asking motorists to remove the traps and warn others in the area.

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You can learn more about the vandalism mentioned in our post by visiting the website of the American Motorcycle Association.

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