Can You Trust Your Motorcycle Helmet?

Studies have shown that motorcycle helmets can save riders’ lives during an accident. However, several retailers have recalled helmets this year, leading motorcyclists to wonder: is my helmet really protecting me?

In July 2014, Sunlight International of America recalled Rodia RHD-103 and Outlaw 103 helmets, citing concerns from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). According to the agency’s report, the helmets do not meet the frontal impact requirements as stated by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard.

The Department of Transportation conducted random tests and determined that the problem was the helmet’s thin lining, which does not provide enough protection to prevent serious injury.

All recalled helmets qualify to have a new, thicker lining installed at no charge, but the helmets have been on the road since 2009. Chances are, many of them have already been in an accident.

On October 24, motorcycle clothing company RevZilla recalled multiple helmet models, including Monaco Pure Glass, Roadster PG and Window PG. The retailer claims the helmets may not be labeled with the correct size, so they may not fit a rider’s head properly.

Helmets are not a fashion statement, they are a piece of safety equipment. If they do not fit properly, they provide less protection in the event of a crash and could even increase the risk to riders.

Motorcyclists have to be able to trust their gear and their bike with their lives. If a manufacturer’s negligence or oversight leads to defective equipment, the company could face liability for a rider’s death.

Did a Motorcycle Defect Cause Your Accident?

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