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Why Can’t I Handle an Auto Crash Claim Myself?

Even a seemingly simple and straightforward car crash claim can be difficult to settle for a fair amount, especially without the help of a car accident lawyer. Therefore, even though you might be able to handle an auto crash claim alone, you stand a better chance with an attorney. In this video, attorney Phil Chupick explains how insurance companies can complicate even easy claims, trying to maximize profits.

Video Transcription

Many people come to us and are frustrated that they were not able to settle their simple car crash claim on their own. They don’t understand why the insurance company is being awfully nice on the telephone, but is only giving them low, low offers. Or is giving them the runaround. The answer is simple: the insurance companies are not your friend. They are in the business of making money, not paying it out. And they will take advantage of those people who don’t understand how the system works. And will only pay what’s fair once they’re forced to do so.