Car Accident that Killed 3 People Has Investigators Puzzled

A fatal car accident that killed three in Colma, California early May 27 has perplexed police officers, as they are still trying to figure out how the accident happened. The force of the crash split a green Mustang driven by Paul Michael Dias in half. Police say three of the four people in the Mustang were killed upon impact, and Dias fled the scene. The other car involved was sent through a retaining wall and into Cypress Lawn Cemetery. The driver of the other vehicle was not seriously injured

Police are unsure how the accident happened but believe the Mustang hit the Honda. Officials issued an alert to be on the lookout for Dias, but he turned himself in late that afternoon. An eyewitness to the crash said he saw Dias try to awaken one of the passengers but then walk away after he could not revive her. Police say there was evidence of alcohol in the car, but toxicology reports would take weeks to confirm if there was any alcohol in the driver’s bloodstream.

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[Tom’s Tips: Remember that driving at night may decrease your chances of hitting traffic, but it will increase your chances of being on the road with drunk drivers.]

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