Car Collides with Six Motorcycles in Las Vegas Motorcycle Accident

The Las Vegas Review Journal recently reported that a motorist collided with multiple motorcyclists in Las Vegas. The driver of a BMW was heading north on Interstate 15 near Russell Road when he lost control of his car. The BMW began to swerve as the driver attempted to correct its path. Close behind the BMW, in the middle lane, rode a very large train of motorcycles. Then, the BMW driver overcorrected and swerved into the center lane, immediately in front of the motorcyclists. Six motorcyclists collided with the BMW which then spun out and hit two other cars.

Emergency crews arrived at the scene, shutting down all lanes of the highway but one for four hours. Twenty or more motorcyclists remained at the scene of the accident, concerned about the injured motorcyclists. Thankfully, no one involved was seriously injured; however, “[f]ive people were transported to the University Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries,” said a representative of the Nevada Highway Patrol.

I Was Injured In A Motorcycle Accident And I Need A Lawyer

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