Car Explodes After Colorado Springs Car Accident

ABC 7News in Denver is reporting that a car erupted in flames and exploded after it was involved in a car accident in Colorado Springs. According to Colorado Springs police, the car caught on fire after another car rear-ended it near the intersection of Highway 115 and Cheyenne Mountain Boulevard.

A fire truck arrived on the scene shortly after the accident. The first explosion happened as the firefighters were attempting to put out the initial blaze, and a second, smaller explosion occurred not too long after that. The car that caught on fire was carrying oxygen canisters in its trunk, which caused the explosions. A witness caught both explosions on tape.

A relative of the man who was driving the car that was rear-ended told 7News that the man had suffered spinal cord injuries as a result of the accident, including broken vertebrae. No injuries were reported for the driver of the car alleged to have rear-ended the other car. However, that driver was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs. None of the first responders were injured, although two police cruisers and a Colorado Springs fire truck were damaged by flying debris from one of the explosions.

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[Did You Know?: In 2012, MADD served more than 61,000 victims and survivors of drunk and drugged driving crashes.]

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