Careless Driver Turns Left in Front of Motorcyclist

On October 13, a driver hit and killed a motorcyclist in Colorado Springs. The following Friday, officers announced they were charging him with several traffic crimes.

The victim was riding his bike near the intersection of Colorado Avenue and Tevon Street on the night of the fatal accident. The driver was traveling eastbound on Colorado Avenue in a van.

When he tried to turn left onto Tevon Street, he turned directly into the path of the motorcyclist. The 27-year-old rider tried to avoid the crash, but there was not enough time.

The motorcycle slammed into the side of the van, sustaining critical injuries. Paramedics rushed him to a local hospital, but he died from the trauma.

After their investigation, police charged the driver with careless driving resulting in death, driving under restraint and vehicles turning left.

Vehicles Turning Left

More than 40 percent of car and motorcycle accidents are caused by a driver turning left. Distracted drivers are the biggest threat to motorcyclists and as we see here, small mistakes can cost riders their lives.

No motorcyclist should have to die because someone else was careless. If you lost your loved one to a distracted driver, make the most of your investment and talk to a lawyer who rides.

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