How Carelessness Can Be Deadly For Motorcyclists

October 12, 2013 started out as a good day for a 34-year-old veteran from Fountain. He had just gotten a job in information technology, he was moving, and he was about to get married. His future was looking bright as he rode his motorcycle down Colorado 92 on his way to borrow a pickup from his mother and step-father, but he never made it home.

How Carelessness Can Be Deadly For MotorcyclistsPhoto of a parent with her child

That day, a group of three—two men and a teenager—had gone out hunting for elk. According to reports, the trio allegedly consumed several beers and smoked marijuana, which contributed to the haphazard hunt that they were conducting, and the carelessness didn’t end there.

The two men were having problems getting an elk they had killed into their truck, so they decided to drag the carcass away. They tied it to the truck with a rope, and attempted to drag it across the highway when an oncoming car forced them to back off, but that wouldn’t stop them. Despite obvious flaws in their plan—and the protests of the teenager—the men attempted to haul the elk once more, but this time their carelessness had a fatal consequence.

Will These Hunters Face The Consequences?

The 34-year-old veteran from Fountain died instantly when he collided with the hunters’ rope, and on Wednesday, January 14th of this year, the two men were sentenced for their part in this negligent crime.

“It is one of the most stupid things I have ever seen happen,” District Judge Jeff Herron declared as he sentenced one man to six years in prison and the other to two. “You didn’t intend for this to happen. You made horrible decisions and they led to horrible consequences.”

Motorcyclists are the most defenseless users of our road ways, and carelessness on the part of others can cost them their lives.

The motorcycle accident attorneys at the Metier Law Firm want you to remember that negligence is deadly to motorcyclists.

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