Casper City Council Rejects Motorcycle Noise Ordinance

We recently wrote a blog covering a possible city ordinance in Casper, Wyoming, that would have required quieter motorcycles, possibly putting riders at risk of an accident. Discussion of a new ordinance was the result of numerous noise complaints from local residents.

On September 1st, the Casper City Council and dozens of people convened to discuss the possible ordinance. Many riders in attendance spoke about the need to be “heard” by motorists. Proponents claimed the noise ordinance targeted all vehicles, not just motorcycles. Opponents claimed “loud pipes save lives” and that an obnoxious minority of street racers were responsible for many of the noise complaints. Many people in attendance wanted law enforcement to focus more on speeding and texting while driving, which are serious threats to both motorists and riders.

A majority of motorcycle accidents happen because motorists do not see riders in time to avoid collisions. As the vice mayor of Casper put it, “If you’re in a collision with a car, you’re going to lose”. The vice mayor had to put down his motorcycle to avoid colliding with a car that had stopped in front of him. At the conclusion of the meeting, the mayor of Casper said if the problem of loud motorcycles and vehicles cannot be solved, the City Council might revisit the idea of a new noise ordinance.

Can Riders Stay Visible Without Being Loud?

High powered LED lights, reflective tape, and proper clothing can help riders avoid motorcycle accidents. While it does help to have noise on your side, it is not the only way to stay visible. Some types of clothing allow LED light attachments. Reflective tape can bounce light off nearby vehicles, especially at night.

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