Casper Man Buys Motorcycle, Dies After Three-Mile Ride

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A Casper, Wyoming man, going against his wife’s objections, buys a motorcycle, only to die three miles into his first ride, according to Gawker. For almost 40 years, 59-year-old, Barry Strang had tried to convince his wife Pam to let him buy a motorcycle. However, believing motorcycles to be too dangerous, she would never give him her blessing.

For 38 years, Barry would make the weekly trek to his local Harley Davidson shop, only to leave empty-handed. Finally, last month, after semi-retiring, Barry decided to throw caution to the wind and buy a motorcycle, despite his wife’s objections. Sadly, Barry only made it three miles down the road on his new motorcycle before a fatal motorcycle accident claimed his life.

Barry was on his way to a nearby casino to meet his wife and show her his new Harley when he lost control and struck a tractor-trailer. During the wreck, Barry’s helmet came off, and he slid underneath the truck. Barry was pronounced dead at the scene.

“It was something he wanted his whole life,” Pam Strang told the Star-Tribune. “It’s like my son said, ‘Dad went out with the biggest smile on his face.’”

This is an unbelievably tragic story. Barry Strang’s dream quickly became he and his family’s worst nightmare. In the midst of such sorrow, it can be easy to lose sight of questions that may still need answers. Did the dealership make sure Barry was qualified to ride a motorcycle? Was there anything wrong with the motorcycle that could have led to the accident? Was the road Barry was riding on properly maintained? Nothing is going to bring Barry back, but if his motorcycle accident was the result of the negligence of others, his family deserves to know the truth, and those responsible must be held accountable. For more information about motorcycle accidents or a free consultation to discuss your case with our national accident lawyer, call us today at (866) 377-3800.

[Tom’s Tips: If you are new to riding, take a motorcycle training course to learn basic skills and break bad habits.]

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