Castle Rock Woman Dies From Brain Injuries

Michelle Stella, a 42-year-old woman from Castle Rock, CO, died recently from brain injuries sustained in a fight with her boyfriend last month.

Stella had gone with her boyfriend, Eugene Medley of Peyton, CO, and her son to attend a wedding in Nebraska. On the way back from the wedding reception, Medley pulled the car over and dragged Stella out of it. He proceeded to hit her in the face and head. Stella told her son to run, which he did.

Medley left Stella and the boy, intentionally speeding up and driving off the road, rolling his car. Surviving the crash, he walked into town, where he committed suicide.

Someone called the police, and they found Stella in the road with serious head injuries.

Stella was placed in the hospital in serious condition, but later recovered enough to be sent home. She was only home for a week before she had a seizure and returned to the hospital, later dying after doctors attempted to repair a brain aneurysm by operating.

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