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Do I Even Need an Attorney?

It is true that, in some cases, you may be able to handle an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit on your own. For example, a car accident claim for only property damage is usually relatively straightforward and may not require a lawyer. However, you can still take advantage of a free initial consultation to… read more

What Makes Metier Law Firm Different?

In this video, personal injury attorney Tom Metier explains what makes Metier Law Firm different from other firms. We put clients first, always. This means we take the time to foster strong relationships, stay in constant communication and, perhaps most importantly, we are never too busy to listen to our clients. Video Transcription What separates… read more

How Do I Communicate with My Attorney?

One of the most frequently asked questions we hear in consultations is: how can I communicate with my attorney during my case? At Metier Law Firm, we share a commitment to honest and frequent communication with our clients. Whether you have a complex personal injury claim or a more straightforward lawsuit, we are always here… read more

Who Is Attorney Emily Benight?

Meet personal injury attorney Emily Benight, an associate at Metier Law Firm. She practices in Wyoming and Colorado, focusing on motor vehicle accidents, insurance bad faith and general personal injury law. If you need assistance after an accident or injury, then contact our law firm today to speak with Emily or another injury lawyer in… read more

Co-Counsel Opportunities

Are You an Attorney in Need of Help? Contact Our Injury Attorneys for Assistance With Your Case Our injury lawyers welcome other attorneys to contact our office for assistance with injury cases. We accept attorney referrals and provide co-counsel to other attorneys and law firms – watch the video to learn the information we need.… read more

Who I Am – Meet Tom Metier

Meet Injury Attorney Tom Metier https://youtu.be/PckbYBsD0P8 People often ask injury lawyer Tom Metier why he is so dedicated to helping the seriously injured. Watch this video to hear Tom explain his belief that obtaining justice for families is the universal truth.… read more

Metier Law Firm Personal Injury Attorney

Metier Law Firm, LLC Injury Attorneys The injury lawyers at Metier Law Firm, LLC are nationally known for providing knowledgeable, experienced legal counsel to those who have suffered serious injuries or lost loved ones because of the negligence of others. Contact us today if you are a victim of personal injury and let us give… read more

Injury Attorney Tom Metier’s interview with KKTV

Injury Attorney Tom Metier Appears on KKTV’s Go Colorado Injury lawyer Tom Metier appeared on KKTV’s Go Colorado with Shellene Cockrel in August 2011. Watch the video to hear Tom tell the story of his own motorcycle accident at the age of 22, and also to hear him talk about motorcycle accidents, give tips for… read more