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10 Thanksgiving Travel Safety Tips

Turkey, stuffing, food comas and Black Friday sales – that’s right, it’s the week of Thanksgiving which means it’s also one of the most dangerous weeks to be on the road.  As a Personal Injury law firm, we see and hear a lot of stories that could come right out of the Final Destination movie… read more

Will Colorado Roads Soon Be Connected?

Have you heard of V2X technology? Known as vehicle-to-everything technology, V2X will connect all roadway vehicles to each other, allowing them to collaborate and improve our nation’s roadways. This revolution in traffic technology has the potential to decrease pollution, improve traffic flow and reduce traffic accidents. But did you know that Colorado is at the… read more

How Are Authorities Fighting the Spike in Fatal Pedestrian Crashes?

Another Aurora pedestrian has lost their life in an automobile vs. pedestrian incident. This has been an unfortunate trend in Colorado over the past few years, and the authorities are tired of it. The police and traffic authorities all over the state have launched programs to try to curb this growing epidemic. But will their… read more

What Can Authorities Do About This Dangerous Denver Intersection?

After a car ran a red light and crashed into a mother and her two children, everyone is expected to live. However, this crash could have easily been far worse, and it has members of the Highland community in Denver thinking. Is there anything authorities can do to make this dangerous Denver intersection safer? How… read more

How Will You Stop Distracted Driving This Month?

Thursday evening on March 15th, a 31-year-old man was driving along I-76 when an SUV veered out of the opposing lane and slammed into his Ford pickup. Luckily, the man survived the crash and was transported to Platte Valley Medical Center. However, the 31-year-old woman driving the SUV and her 4-year-old daughter did not survive… read more

Should Denver Police Pay for a Three Year Old Traffic Collision?

On February 20, 2015, a woman driving her Toyota Camry through the intersection of East Colfax Avenue and Washington Street in Denver was struck. The vehicle that collided with her car was a 2014 Ford Explorer police cruiser. The crash left the woman’s vehicle totaled, and video shows the officer running a red light without… read more

Just How Much Distracted Driving Damage Does Pokémon Go Cause?

In July of 2016, a video game was released that would change the way people played with their smartphones. Pokémon Go was an instant sensation, allowing players to catch pocket monsters in augmented reality (AR). This combination of virtual characters and real surroundings delighted millions as they set out on adventures to “collect them all,”… read more

Should the Chrysler Pacifica Be Recalled?

Should the Chrysler Pacifica minivan be recalled? The Center for Auto Safety seems to think so. The auto safety group recently petitioned the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to issue a recall for the 2017 Pacifica due to problems leading to stalling. Over 50 people have complained about the issue. According to Fiat Chrysler,… read more

Is Your Car’s Infotainment System Causing Distracted Driving?

Would you believe that your car’s infotainment system is a less distracting device than your smartphone? That’s what automakers would have you believe, however, that could be a dangerous misconception. Professor David Strayer works with AAA’s Foundation for Traffic Safety, and his latest study may change your mind about distracted driving and the infotainment system… read more