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Wrong Way Driver Kills Loveland Motorcyclist

A careless driver in Wyoming only received traffic citations after he lost control of his truck and slammed into a Loveland motorcyclist, killing the man. The tragic accident happened around 11 a.m. on August 29, more than 40 miles northwest of Thermopolis, Wyoming. According to the Wyoming Highway Patrol, the man was traveling southeast on… read more

Wrong-Way Driver Kills Aspen Motorcyclist

On Saturday, August 23, a Ford station wagon crossed into the wrong lane and collided with an Aspen motorcyclist head on. The driver sustained minor injuries, but the motorcyclist died at the scene. The accident happened on Highway 82 near Basalt, about 90 minutes after a moderate rainstorm. Police are waiting to notify the victim’s… read more

Motorcyclist Killed When Driver Fails to See Him

On Thursday, August 21, a 22-year-old man suffered fatal injuries after a SUV turned into the path of his motorcycle. The young motorcyclist was riding a 1984 Honda Magna while traveling westbound on U.S. 24. As he crossed 31st Street, a 2009 Ford Escape turned in front of him. The two collided, throwing the rider… read more

Car Making Left Turn Kills Aurora Motorcyclist

One early evening in late July, a car turned in front of a motorcyclist while entering a shopping center in Aurora, Colorado. The shopping center was located at the corner of Mississippi Avenue and Quentin Street. The motorcycle rider was traveling west on Mississippi Avenue just east of Peoria Street, and struck the car broadside.… read more

Distracted Driver Kills Out-of-Town Motorcyclist

The Colorado Highway Patrol is investigating a crash that killed a 57-year-old motorcyclist from Nebraska. On the afternoon of August 15, a 25-year-old man driving a Ford Explorer lost control of his vehicle on Highway 62 near Ridgeway. According to reports, the driver veered off the road and overcorrected, causing his SUV to roll over… read more

Continental Recalls More Than 9,000 Faulty Tires

On August 11, Continental announced a tire recall that affects approximately 9,000 tires sold throughout the U.S. and Canada. According to Continental’s statement, the tires may contain a flaw that causes tread separation or air loss. The recall affects Continental’s 120/70 ZR 17 and 120/70 R 17 motorcycle tires, which were sold as original and… read more

Am I Liable for a Single-Vehicle Accident?

Motorcyclists are extremely vulnerable on the road, due to a lack of safety features like seatbelts and airbags. Distracted drivers can be a huge danger to motorcyclists, but more than 40 percent of motorcycle fatalities are single-vehicle collisions. On Saturday, August 3, a Texas man was fatally injured after he lost control of his motorcycle… read more

Harley-Davidson Issues Recall for Faulty Ignition Switches

Harley-Davidson is issuing a worldwide recall of more than 4,500 FXDL Dyna Low Rider bikes due to trouble with the ignition switches. On certain bikes, vibrations can turn the switches from “on” to “accessory,” meaning the bike can stop unexpectedly. The problem tends to occur at around 5,800 revolutions per minute (RPMs.) Factory motorcycles are… read more

Can I Ride My Motorcycle Without a License?

Motorcycles can be fun and fast, but all motorcyclists need proper training to ride safely. Due to motorcycles’ size, speed and lack of safety features, an untrained rider can put themselves and all other motorists in danger. Operating a motorcycle requires more concentration and regular adjustments than a car. Even simple actions, like pulling out… read more

Are Drivers More Dangerous Than Motorcyclists?

Motorcyclists are often characterized as thrill-seekers and daredevils, but research shows they may be more careful than drivers. According to a study conducted by the National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) in 2003, drivers are responsible for 80 percent of all accidents between and cars motorcyclists. The unfortunate truth is that motorcyclists may cause fewer accidents,… read more