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how a truck accident lawyer is different from a car accident lawyer

How is a truck accident lawyer different from a car accident lawyer? Truck accident lawyers need a different skill set and resources than car accident lawyers, and Wyoming Truck Accident Lawyer, Grant Lawson, gives details about this topic in today’s blog post. Five really good points about trucking accident lawyers and how they differ from… read more

3 Common Causes of Wyoming Truck Accidents

What are some common causes of truck accidents? Wyoming Truck Accident Lawyer, Grant Lawson, answers this question in this blog post. There are common causes of truck accidents that we see at Metier Law Firm. One cause for truck accidents is fatigue. These drivers are put under a lot of pressure a lot of stress… read more

$2.2 Million Wyoming Personal Injury Verdict

A Natrona county jury awarded over $2 million in damages to the family of a man killed as a result of poorly executed construction zone. On September 12, 2017, Bill Gray, 62, of Casper, Wyoming was riding his motorcycle when he suffered serious injuries during a motorcycle accident at the intersection of Old Yellowstone Highway… read more

Why is evidence preservation important in truck accident cases?

Why is evidence preservation so important in truck accident cases? Truck Accident Lawyer, Grant Lawson, answers this question in this blog post. Making sure evidence is preserved in trucking accident cases is crucial.  Right off the bat, you’ve gotta know what was going on and why this accident happened.  And it starts with going back… read more

Colorado SB-19-144 Motorcycles and Red lights

Have you been stuck at a red light that doesn’t know you’re there? If you’ve ridden long enough, you’ve found yourself in this situation a few times. You’ve been out riding your motorcycle through canyons, over mountain passes, or down long country roads with the sun scorching high overhead, filling the air with an energy… read more