Brain Injury

Are Colorado’s Concussion Laws Working?

Concussion rules for youth sports should ALWAYS be followed

Back in 2011, Governor Hickenlooper signed into law the Jake Snakenberg Youth Sports Concussion Act. This law requires that student athletes be removed from the field of play if they show signs or having a concussion. Any athlete removed from play for a concussion must get clearance from a healthcare professional before they can return … Continue reading

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Could Oxygen Therapies Help TBI Victims Recover?

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) can change lives forever. That’s because the brain is the central organ that organizes the body’s functions. It is also where your memories, dreams, and personality come from. So, when the brain is injured it can affect vision, mobility, memory and judgement. Worse yet, these injuries are often permanent. However, there … Continue reading

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How Responsible Is the NFL for Traumatic Brain Injuries Suffered by Ex-Players?

Many NFL players leave the league after playing for sometimes very short careers and start experiencing traumatic brain injuries and life crippling brain diseases such as CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy). Recently, an article in time magazine detailed out that NFL research on brain disease had been done on deceased players, thus making it very difficult … Continue reading

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