Brain Injury Attorney

At Metier Law Firm, we’re dedicated to being a force for good in the community. Our nationwide brain injury attorneys have helped countless people recover from catastrophic head injuries, and on this page, you can read about some of our firm’s remarkable success stories. From inspiring recoveries to our work with organizations such as the Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado, we invite you to read about how our personal injury law firm is truly making a difference.

If you’ve sustained a serious brain injury and need to speak to a brain injury attorney, contact one of our offices to schedule a free, no-risk consultation.

4 Injuries Our Personal Injury Attorneys Have Experience With

Serious accidents can lead to a variety of injuries that leave you feeling helpless, confused, and hurt. As personal injury attorneys, we have seen people’s injuries and the subsequent emotional toll  become crushing burdens on the fabric holding a family together. While we wish we could go back and change the past, our job is… read more

Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado

Brain Injury Lawyer Tom Metier Supports the Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado The Metier Law Firm is dedicated to helping individuals dealing with the devastating effects of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) through their legal practice and charitable activities. This includes our work organizing a fundraising event and donating the proceedings to the Brain Injury Alliance… read more

Brain Injury Attorney Helps Athlete Recover

Brain Injury Attorney Helps Athlete Recover Lawyers Who Handle Traumatic Brain Injury Cases Our client, Julia Purrington, sustained a traumatic brain injury (TBI) when a car struck her bike while she was training for the Triathlon World Championships. She, like many traumatic brain injury victims, has a long road to recovery ahead of her because… read more

An Athlete and a Brain Injury

An Athlete and a Brain Injury Free Attorney Advice for Traumatic Brain Injuries Injury attorney Tom Metier has fought on behalf of numerous traumatic brain injury victims located throughout the United States. This includes his client Julia Purrington, who sustained devastating injuries in a catastrophic bicycle accident when a car hit her while training for… read more

Putting Your Life Back Together

Injury Attorney Tom Metier Can Help You Put Your Life Back Together After a Serious Injury After a serious injury, you and your family may be afraid, and you may have many questions – who are you now? What will happen to your family? Injury lawyer Tom Metier can answer your questions about how to… read more

What is Justice?

What is Justice? Injury Attorney Tom Metier Explains In this video, injury lawyer Tom Metier talks about what justice means – putting injury victims back where they would have been if the accident had never happened. For over 30 years, Tom has made his life about justice. Call today if you have been injured… read more