Casper Man Buys Motorcycle, Dies After Three-Mile Ride

[map id=”map1″ w=”375″ h=”375″ address=”Casper, WY” marker=”no” z=”14″] A Casper, Wyoming man, going against his wife’s objections, buys a motorcycle, only to die three miles into his first ride, according to Gawker. For almost 40 years, 59-year-old, Barry Strang had tried to convince his wife Pam to let him buy a motorcycle. However, believing motorcycles … Continue reading

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Involved In A Motorcycle Accident In Casper?

[map id=”map1″ w=”375″ h=”375″ address=”Casper, WY” marker=”no” z=”14″] Casper is the second largest city in Wyoming behind Cheyenne. It was established near the former location of Fort Caspar, which was a popular stopover for those migrating west via the Oregon, California and Mormon trails during the mid-1800s. Casper is located in the heart of the … Continue reading

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Motorcycle Wreck Claims Life Of Casper, Wyoming Man

According to K2TV in Wyoming, Jeremy Ware, a 33-year-old Casper resident, lost his life in a motorcycle accident. The fatal motorcycle accident happened in Mills, Wyoming at the intersection of Pendell Boulevard and Riverview Avenue. Ware’s vehicle was the only one involved in the accident. Speed was a contributing factor to the wreck, according to … Continue reading

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