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Lawmakers Consider Allowing Double-Trailer Commercial Trucks

Federal lawmakers have been warned by safety advocates to reject proposals that would allow larger commercial trucks on roads throughout the country. Trucking industry advocates have been pushing Congress to allow trucks equipped with double-trailers. The debate started when lawmakers attached several provisions to an appropriations bill. An appropriations bill is legislation that approves funding … Continue reading

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Will New Motorcycle Technology Save Lives?

BMW has created some futuristic concepts to help keep motorcyclists safe. The Advanced Safety Concept motorcycle design uses next generation technologies to help riding enthusiasts avoid a worst-case scenario. Communication systems integrated into the bike can detect emergencies and use GPS to locate riders that have come off their bikes. Having a way to find … Continue reading

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Remembering September 11th

The terrorist attack on the World Trade Center buildings was one of the most defining moments in American history. Metier Law Firm would like to take a moment to remember that day, and express gratitude towards the brave service men and women who defend us overseas. All Americans should see this day as an opportunity … Continue reading

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